Shame on all complicit in pawning Federal employees for vile and vain political ends

Faithful Federal employees and their families are struggling; they’re hurting. They’re going unpaid; in many cases, they’ve been “ordered” to work without pay. Bills are due; groceries must be bought, and a presidential cabinet’s filthy filthy-richer scoffs at Federal employees for getting food from food pantries instead of getting loans to cover personal expenses for an undisclosed period of time; add nauseating to immoral! Idiocy! Middle class people getting approved for loans with no current source of income! Is Ross the boss going to fund those loans?

Children in cages; some have died, and untold numbers have been sexually and emotionally abused, scarred for life. Their caregivers, many of them–even the good ones, are what? Yes, federal employees.

Now as an expanded Pennsylvania Avenue tantrum to appease the current administration’s base racist base, asylum seekers are being forced to return from the US southern borders to places where their lives are in danger. Mexicans in particular are being vilified with waves of racism that will keep washing over generations and generations of US Americans.

Silversiders, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I knew you/we would step up to the plate to help these federal workers, but honestly I thought things would blow over before we had a chance to do much. I was wrong.

This is no time to recline! Get out of those easy chairs, emotionally and physically.

I’m going to organize a brainstorming session in the next few days; in the mean time, constantly communicate your concerns, your outrage to your elected or electoral-colleged office holders on behalf of those who have served you as employees of the federal government.

David Albert Farmer, Ph.D., Pastor, Silverside Church, Wilmington, Delaware

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  1. The food banks in various locations need more food than ever because food stamps are going to run out soon. The least we could do is donate more food to our food collection for Claymont Community Center.

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