Rainbows Over Fear

When our love takes command

We are rainbows over fear.

Two years ago I had the privilege of setting this powerful image to music.  In his poem “Rainbows Over Fear,” James Moser snapped a picture from his lens – a picture of collective sadness and disillusionment in our society.  He layered it with the image of a rainbow, reminding us of our power to love.

When we reach through the rain,
When we heed a neighbor’s sigh,
When we lift those in pain
We are arcs across the sky.

–James Moser

May we all remember our power to love, each and every day.  Enjoy this memory and recording from our 2017 concert at Silverside.   Come this Sunday, Feb. 3 to hear the choir again sing this powerful and inspiring anthem, “Rainbows Over Fear.”

Melissa Heieie