The Truth Will Make Us Free: Pulpit and Pew Speak to Presidential Hopefuls

Are you a politician or does lying just run in your family?

Idgie Threadgoode in Fannie Flagg’s, Fried Green Tomatoes

It was Jesus of Nazareth who designated truth as the pathway toward and, having arrived, the preserver of freedom. It would follow, then, wouldn’t it that the absence of truth robs us of our freedom?

The absence of truth robs us of our freedom!

the reverse of what Jesus’ taught in the John 8 episode, just as much a fact

David Albert Farmer, Ph.D, Preacher and Pastor

March 3, 2019

Silverside Church Delaware

photo credit: Asar Studios

Dear 2020 Presidential hopefuls, tell us the truth today and every day–when you speak to us and when you write to us, when you Tweet us, and when you pass along information to us through members of your staff.