The Religious Right in the US Continues to Be Israel’s Greatest Enabler and Asset in Its Genocidal Efforts against Palestinians

Secretary of State Pompeo fancies himself a Bible scholar and recently speculated that Donald Trump could be a modern-day Esther whose story is told in the Hebrew scripture book bearing her name. If so, Trump is God’s instrument to save Israel from Iran. His proposal is preposterous in every sense, but the religious right loves the Rorschach method of biblical eisegesis.

Israel deserved special attention and protection when it was rising up from the horrors of the Holocaust. The rights to defend itself and preserve itself are undeniable. But this was never supposed to mean that Israel would engage in any kind of aggression that was murderous. Certainly not all Israeli citizens support these killings. Sadly, the current Israeli militant political leadership and their greatest supporters, financially and otherwise–Christian fundamentalists, help make these horrors happen. Trump has indicated he supports the aggression, and among others so evidently does Steny Hoyer; the latter shocked me.

The following Arab perspective is enlightening and disturbing:

Saudi Arabia has strongly condemned Israeli violations in the occupied Palestinian territories and the recent Israeli forces’ aggression on unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The Kingdom’s ambassador at the United Nations in Geneva spoke on the violations in his speech before the Human Rights Council, during an interactive dialogue with the commission investigating violations in Gaza.

Speaking from Geneva, Dr. Abdel Aziz Al-Wasel said the committee’s report revealed the extent of violations and the excessive use of force by Israeli forces against unarmed demonstrators in Gaza, which led to the killing of 183 Palestinians and wounded thousands toward the end of 2018, including children and women.

The ambassador called on the international community to pressure Israel to put an end to such aggression and to hold those responsible responsible for such crimes.

He noted that the violations committed by Israeli forces against the Palestinian people have continued unabated for decades.

Al-Wasel said such Israeli violations which are against the international and humanitarian law will continue under a policy of impunity.

He also called on UN member states to hold on to their responsibility in achieving the commitment to human rights and ensure the respect for international law, based on the first common article of the Geneva Conventions.

“Arab News,” March 26, 2019